You Can’t Predict Your SEO Clients’ Future – But You Can Estimate It!

You Can't Predict Your SEO Clients' Future – But You Can Estimate It!

Help your SEO clients navigate uncertainty and establish a reliable benchmark for their current business status with this effective forecasting approach.

Steve Wiideman on The Business Value of SEO, Future of Voice and Future Trends

Steve Wiideman is a Senior Search Marketing Consultant with a passion for all things SEO, SEM, and CRO. Wiideman has played a role in the inbound successes of brands that have included Disney Parks and Resorts, Linksys, Public Storage, Meineke Car Care Centers, SKECHERS, Technicolor, and others, with emphasis on strategy, planning, and campaign oversight. He is also the CEO of Wiideman Consulting Group. The company provides strategic and innovative inbound marketing solutions to both enterprise and SMB brands.

Here are some things we talked about:
1. The business value of SEO
2. The future of voice: Alexa, Google Home, Voice Search
3. AR, VR, IoT

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Catalin Matei is a young Entrepreneur and marketer. Ex-Professional Dancer for 9 years now turned Entrepreneur, Catalin loves to share his journey and the things that worked for him along his trip of building businesses, growing, learning, failing, succeeding and so much more.

He believes that in life mastery of your craft and the people around you are the most important things in the world, and that’s what this channel is going to be about.

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Why You Aren’t Seeing SEO Results For Your Clients

Monthly recurring revenue has become a huge buzzword in my web design circles lately. Many agencies and freelancers are looking for ways to add MRR to their business, so they have stability. Many people are looking at SEO as a way to get recurring revenue. What I am seeing in multiple Facebook groups are people of all ages and demographics struggling to deliver SEO results to their clients. People are frustrated because they “did exactly what the SEO guru blog posts said to do” or “did what the SEO tool automated audit said” and their clients are still stuck.

In this video, we look at four reasons you are not able to deliver SEO results for your clients. SEO is not always pain-by-numbers — it is hard work! So don’t feel bad if you fit one of these bullet points.Instead, think of how you can improve to help your new SEO clients.

1. Relying on SEO tools for a game plan instead of your own deductive reasoning.
2. Trying to automate, outsource, or push work onto the client. You need to put in the work!
3. Not able to convince clients they should do something that will help their SEO.
4. You aren’t charging enough to get stuff done. Good content, design, images, link building all cost money!

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How to Get High-Ticket SEO Clients from Google? My Secret Methods to Find Freelance SEO Clients

How to Get High-Ticket SEO Clients from Google? My Secret Methods to Find Freelance SEO Clients

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In this video, you will learn how you can find and get high-ticket and high paying International SEO clients from Google and how you can get clients for Search Engine Optimization and get more SEO clients for your Home SEO business, and if you want to find high paying clients for ranking #1 on Google or high-ticket SEO clients for selling SEO services for your SEO or digital marketing agency you will have to watch this complete tutorial about how you can find SEO clients with complete practical in finding SEO clients from GOOGLE and finding SEO clients as a freelancer 2022.

If you are an SEO expert you can easily find SEO clients to sell your SEO Services as an SEO freelancer and you can become a successful Search Engine Optimization freelancer by getting Search Engine Optimization clients and if you want to get website SEO clients online for your Search Engine Optimization business and if you want to get more web development projects and SEO projects for your website designing business then finding SEO clients or getting digital marketing clients is not hard because I will teach you how to Land SEO clients on your website and how to sell website as an SEO expert and web developer and a Search Engine Optimization expert in selling Search Engine Optimization websites 2022.

If you are using platforms like Fiverr or Upwork then this method is for you because it doesn’t feature Fiverr or Upwork I will share with you how you can get clients from cold calling and cold emailing and how you can do SEO clients lead generation and how you can generate SEO leads to let you know that how to generate leads for SEO business and best way to get SEO clients through lead generation and how you can sell websites and SEO services with website design clients and SEO clients lead generation technique 2022.

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How to Get SEO Clients Even if You Don’t Have a Website

Want more SEO clients for your agency? Learn 5 unique strategies on how to get more of them.

Additional Client Acquisition Resources

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SEO Leads: How to Get $1K+/Month SEO Clients (with a Simple Video Pitch) ►

Before you watch this video, you should have a history of producing results and be able to help any client you choose to take on.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, we recommend that you master your craft first so that the tips and strategies you learn in this video will be 10X more effective.

The first way to get SEO clients is via partnerships. There are two types of partnerships you should get involved with. You’ll learn what these partnerships are and how to make it work for your business.

The second strategy is to speak at conferences. You’ll learn why being on stage is a powerful client acquisition channel for your business.

The third strategy: inbound marketing. This is likely the most valuable for your business because your results are your strongest selling point.

You’ll learn how to use inbound marketing to generate more SEO clients.

The fourth strategy is to apply for jobs. How does that work? While applying for jobs and getting more SEO clients might seem vastly different, there’s a powerful factor that comes into play.

You’ll find out what this factor is and how to make this strategy work for your business.

The last strategy is cold outreach. This is the most common approach. You’ll learn a sample template on how to do such outreach and why that template works.


1:27 – Get involved in partnerships
3:43 – Speak at conferences
4:19 – Invest in inbound marketing
6:04 – Apply for jobs
7:13 – Do cold outreach

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