What Is the Right Price for Your Agency’s SEO Services?

What Is the Right Price for Your Agency’s SEO Services?

Struggling to create a pricing strategy that resonates with your agency business model? Find the sweet spot by analyzing cost, price, and perceived value.

SEO Services How Much To Charge For SEO Services

SEO services how much to charge for services, what to charge for SEO services for your SEO agency or as a freelancer in 2020.

I will break down some key pieces to consider when thinking about your price point for your service or services as an agency or as a freelancer.

In my humble opinion pricing needs to be determined by 3 things and those three things are as follows.

1. Customer avatar , what type of client are you targeting , what is the lead cost or what are the cost per click generally. Is you primary customer avatar a gym owner is it a dentist perhaps roofers this will give you a cost per click value to customer.

2. What is your time worth , what is your skill set. What is your knowledge this will give you a fair idea of a hourly wage.

3. How much time does it take to perform a task , this needs to be determined beforehand every single minor detail from start to finish including email time. Every second of every task.

Once you know your client avatar , and you know your worth (hourly) and you know how long tasks take then you can go into the marketplace and become competitive.
But never under value your time or skill set. Do not race to the bottom , decide your value and customer value and stick with it.

Do not give SEO a bad name be honorable and respectable and the monetary gain will come.
Put the client first but be sure you are compensated for all of your time (all of it).

From the web, for SEO service pricing and what to charge for SEO.
So a quick glance shows us the following an average SEO expert or 1-3 year experience SEO expert charges between 50 and 150 per hour.
However the average monthly retainer is somewhere between 500 to 1500 per month.
Performance-based SEO is most times free or low tier cost to begin , and has dynamic ever changing pricing.
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How to Offer Low Cost SEO Services ($300/month)

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How To Price SEO Services – Contracts?

I’ve completely changed how I’m pricing and structuring my client SEO deals, here’s the changes and why.

1. Changed from month-to-month to 12 month SEO agreements
2. Added link budget as an additional service on top of monthly retainers
3. Switched from value based pricing (ideal for easy campaigns and lifestyle friendly businesses i.e. local SEO) to hourly-based retainers

Now this doesn’t mean you should necessarily do the same! I’m doing what works for the specific business I’m looking to build, yours may not (and most likely will not) look the same.

Scaling To A $100,000/m SMMA (These 4 Tips That Helped Me)

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After two years of operating my agency, in November 2022 we achieved a remarkable milestone by generating more than $110,000 in revenue. What’s even more fantastic is that we accomplished this feat with just five clients. In this video, I’ll be sharing four valuable tips that helped me scale up to over $100,000.


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