Stuck in Procurement Purgatory? How to Win Big Clients for Your SEO Agency

Stuck in Procurement Purgatory? How to Win Big Clients for Your SEO Agency

With these strategies, your independent agency can successfully compete with other industry players to win big brands and Fortune 500 clients.

Salon E-Retail Business Bootcamp Series EP5: Stylist Success Story with Stephanie Mero

The season finale of our Salon E-Retail Business Bootcamp Series features guest holistic hairstylist Stephanie Mero who has had great success with our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program. Listen as Stephanie spills all her tips and tricks on how to make the most online retail sales possible!

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**Please Note: Simply Organic Beauty’s Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program is an exclusive affiliate program for hair salons, hair stylists and beauty professionals.**

Safe work practices of dust extraction in hazardous areas | SA Equip

Our latest top tips video, #demonstrates some critical aspects of #dust extraction in #hazardous areas

SA CYCLONE #Filtration Unit and air mover are matched with #anti-static ducting, to create a high-performance portable #ventilation solution to work effectively and with as little risk as possible.
Find out more about the SA CYCLONE range of #portable products here: https://saequip.com/portable-ex-ventilation/

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Delegate Your Tasks the Right Way (Part 1)

1️⃣Get rid of negative attitudes about delegation
Thinking that no one can do better than you doesn’t lead to good results. On a subconscious level, you will expect a poorly done job whenever you delegate and unsurprisingly, you’ll get exactly that.

2️⃣Give clear instructions & expectations
A clear and detailed plan of action ensures that the tasks will be completed efficiently and exactly the way you need. The clearer you are with your expectations, the less chance that problems will arise.

3️⃣Delegate your tasks gradually.
If you just hired an assistant, be sure to give them some time to get accustomed to the way you work. It’s important to start off slowly and then gradually increase the number of tasks and responsibilities that they handle over time. Giving them too much too soon can be overwhelming.

Customer Success Webinar: Whoever Keeps the Most Customers Wins

Join us for this Customer Success Leadership Webinar with Patrick Campbell, CEO/Founder of Profitwell. Profitwell has done some incredible research into the state of the SaaS ecosystem and he’ll be sharing all the trends they’ve uncovered. His presentation is titled, “Whoever Keeps the Most Customers Wins”.