Is It Time to Completely Rethink Your Keyword Management Process?

Is It Time to Completely Rethink Your Keyword Management Process?

Creating a better system for managing your keywords can help you save time and resources and help set up your SEO campaigns for success.

Rethink Your Compliance Training | HT2 Labs

Many of those in the L &D world know that the vast majority of compliance training is broken, but struggle with how to fix it whilst still providing the necessary evidence and records to any regulators.

Let us help with that struggle, as we…

– Examine how Curatr provides not only the ‘tick in the box’ often needed for compliance subjects, but also a deeper insight into people’s responses, commitments, interactions and contributions

– Consider how xAPI provides an opportunity to take a more modern approach to compliance training as well as satisfying that ‘tick in the box’

[This webinar is part of a course entitled “Fire Safety – From Course To Conversation” which you can enrol on at https://www.ht2labs.com/resources/compliance-training-social-approach-mooc/ – it was recorded on 19th September, 2017.]

Find out more about how organisations curate content and make their learning more social using Curatr at https://www.ht2labs.com/curatr.

How to Reassess Your Google AdWords Budget

Today, we’re going to talk about how to reassess your Google AdWords budget.

There’s a lot of tools out there for AdWords budget calculators. There’s a lot of information on the internet regarding how you should determine your budget. What there isn’t a lot of information on is how to reassess your Google AdWords budget. How do you re-think your PPC spend after you’ve started to do it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Common Google AdWords Budget Situations We’ve Seen

One of the most common things we see is someone goes into an AdWords campaign for the first time and they’re trying to decide, “Okay, how much do we need to spend?” Then there’s always that really difficult, kind of underlying conversation of “how much will we actually get approved to spend, right?”

When you’re reassessing your AdWords budget, there are some things you really need to look at. Let’s take a look at a couple of situations we see very often here when re-evaluating your Google AdWords budget.

You’re Losing to Rank. Your Search Impression Share is Lost to Budget.

First. You’ve launched the campaign, you’re happy with some of the conversions, but you want more.

The number one thing you should be asking either your internal team or your agency is “What’s my search impression share? How much of it is lost to budget? How much is it lost to rank?”

If you’re losing it to rank, that’s usually something that’s somewhat in your control. You can take that search impression share and increase it by creating more focused campaigns, more relevant campaigns, and better campaigns. That’s more of an hours and time thing than a budget thing.

One of the simplest things you can do to reassess your Google AdWords budget is to simply increase your daily budgets on your most profitable campaigns and allow yourself to grow. This is a really important thing. Here’s why.

You Can’t Make the Proper Decisions to Grow Your Volume of MQLs

The reason this is so important is if you have such a rigid framework for your budget, you can’t make the proper decisions to actually grow your volume of marketing qualified leads.

Here’s what I see happen all the time.

People start this PPC campaign and they say, “Look, we want to grow with you. This is where we can start, but we know, once we get results, we can reassess our budget.”

The honest truth is in the last four and a half years, I’ve seen probably less than 5% of our clients actually reassess budgets when they did get results. That’s a problem. What you end up doing is instead of trying to grow your campaigns around — for example — search impression share. You make sure you’re always showing up for your most profitable words, but then you lose all your experimentation.

You Have a Timeline That’s Shorter Than Your Google AdWords Budget Allows

Another time that is important to reassess budgets is if you have a timeline that’s shorter than your budget allows.

Perfect example: You want to get results in the first 90 days of starting your AdWords campaign. You’ve never done it before, you want to launch, you need to go back to the executive team in the next quarter and say, “Here’s the investment we made, here’s what we got back from it.”

The problem is usually when people do this, they start with a really small budget. “It’s not been proven yet, this is a test campaign, we want to prove it out.”

Your Campaigns Just Aren’t Working

Lastly, it’s really important to reassess your budgets when the campaigns just aren’t working. That’s a reality. Not always does every campaign work.

This is a great opportunity to reassess the budget because maybe, just maybe, the campaign needs more time and you don’t need to totally shut it off, but you can reassess your budget. In other words, maybe you don’t have the money right now to experiment more, so you don’t want to run an alpha and beta campaign where alpha’s your top-performing campaigns. You know those work. They have 100% search impression share and your beta campaigns’ at 50%.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this video has been informational and helpful to give you a new framework for reassessing Google AdWords budgets. If your campaigns are doing well, instead of trying to move things around, it’s always worth it to try to grow the budget if you’re doing well. It makes you look good, it makes your agency look good, and it helps in your overall objectives.

If campaigns are underperforming, it’s okay to step back. It’s okay to slow them down. It’s okay to cut away the fat. You should always be reassessing your Google AdWords budgets. Stagnant budgets are one of the hardest things that in-house marketers are dealing with right now because they don’t have the freedom to adjust to the results they’re gathering. Make sure you have a flexible budget so you can reassess on the fly.

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Rethink Your Hiring Process

The job marketplace looks very different post-pandemic.
Finding and hiring the right person for your open position can be a challenge.

Hear from local experts as they discuss ways to maximize your search for new employees and successfully onboard the perfect candidate before you miss out.

5 Unexpected Ways to Rethink Your Content Creation Process {My Template!}

The biggest challenge I see so many small business owners face is not having enough time— especially when it comes to creating content, right? BUT, content marketing is the name of the game. Content marketing IS the only marketing left, said Seth Godin.

So how do you create regular, consistent content—in the midst of the 50 million other things you’re doing for your creative business—that’s actually worth the click?

In this video, I’ll talk you through my content creation system & BTS of my pillar content template so you can create pillar pieces of content for your business in WAY less time than it’s taken you in the past.

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7:24- Conclusion



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