How to Show the Business Value of Your SEO Proposal

How to Show the Business Value of Your SEO Proposal

Are you effectively communicating your proposed SEO campaign's value? Help potential clients decide if the ROI is worth it with reliable forecasting.

How to Write SEO Proposals That Prove Your Value & Eliminate Client Concerns via @brentcsutoras

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How to Write SEO Proposals That Prove Your Value & Eliminate Client Concerns

Unlike paid search, organic search lacks the tools to form trustworthy predictions about SEO outcomes.

This is why potential clients sometimes get indecisive even when presented with an SEO proposal.

On December 18, I moderated a sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar presented by Alen Todorov of SEOmonitor.

Todorov shared tips on how SEO agencies can write better proposals that prove value and eliminate client concerns.

Here’s a recap of the webinar presentation.

Creating SEO proposals is no easy feat. Coming up with a pitch for a client involves a ton of resources from almost every department.

This is why you need to make sure you’re writing good SEO proposals.

A good proposal proves your value right away and eliminates your prospective client’s concerns.

Here are the key elements to focus on when writing your SEO proposals.

What Should Go Into Your SEO Proposal

1. Show a Deep Understanding of Your Client’s Industry

Be proactive. Right from the beginning, show your prospects that you understand their industry.

The first thing you need to include in your SEO proposal is your own keyword research.

Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research entails:

Avoid including keywords with very low search volumes or branded/navigational ones.

By describing why it wouldn’t make sense to improve visibility for queries that are navigational keywords and trigger site links, or why you grouped the ones that set off the same search results and are part of the same topic, you help your customer focus on the end-users’ search habits.

Competitor Overview

Some potential clients might think that their only competitors are those who are selling similar products and services. But in search, we know that your online

The Impact of Website Content Tone on User Engagement SEO in your Industry.

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It’s no secret that writing content for your website plays an important role in SEO.
When done correctly, it can increase user engagement and boost the overall performance of your industry.
Choosing the right tone of voice for your website content is one of the best ways to achieve these goals. find out how you can use a tone of voice that is unique to your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.
SEO tone of voice defines who you are as a brand Tone of voice is a brand’s personality and communication style. It is a critical part of SEO copywriting.
While many brands choose a style based on industry-standard practices, tone of voice is a personal choice that reflects your business’s values.
Creating a style guide can help maintain this consistency.
This is particularly important for small companies. Creating a style guide can help new employees understand your company’s messaging.
The first step in determining your tone of voice is considering your audience. To do this, you can survey your customers or research your competitors. Also, consider your mission statement.
Some brands use their mission statement as a starting point for their tone of voice. For example, Volvo puts safety above all else in its marketing materials.
You can also use a message architecture to determine your tone of voice. This helps you create an outline of your communication goals and includes common vocabulary.
SEO tone of voice is more compelling to read When it comes to writing SEO content, the tone of voice is an important factor.
Whether it’s your pitch, word choice, or overall style, your tone will impact your brand in various ways.
It’s also crucial to create a tone that appeals to many audiences. This is not to say you have to follow your competitors’ lead, but you should make sure that you’re expressing your brand in a way that sets it apart from the rest.
For example, a B2C brand might adopt a friendly, chatty tone, while a B2B company might use a more formal, technical voice. While you may think a tone isn’t important, it’s a great way to build trust with your readers.
Creating a consistent brand image will help you maintain customer loyalty and grow your business.
To determine your tone of voice, consider your company’s values, the demographic of your target audience, and the type of information your consumers want to see.
Your mission statement can also help you define your tone of voice.
Then, you can survey your customers to get an idea of how they view your brand.
Finally, consider your message architecture, which outlines your communication goals and the vocabulary you want to use.
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In this video, Waseem Ansari, project manager at Globital with his decade’s worth of experience in the digital marketing industry, goes over what an SEO proposal is, why it exists and how you can wow potential SEO clients with a reusable template.

Competition is high in the SEO industry. Many agencies are offering similar services, so you should use your proposal to stand out from competitors.

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