How 4 Worldwide Agencies Prove SEO Value

How 4 Worldwide Agencies Prove SEO Value

Aside from showing clients how SEO can deliver business outcomes, agencies should negotiate what success means from the get-go. Here's how.

How to Evaluate Your Home Services SEO Agency

…And how to know if they are worth the money you are spending on them

The importance of a holistic SEO strategy and how your digital marketing agency ought to be customizing one for your business
On-Site SEO (Unique, Quality Content, Structured Data, Mobile & Desktop Usability, and User Experience)
Off-Site SEO (Backlinks, Citations, and Social Presence)
Technical SEO (Proper Coding, Mobile Responsive Design, Site Speed Optimization)
Content Auditing (Comprehensive Content Analysis)
Analytics Reporting
Holistic SEO Takeaway
Before You Start Asking Your Marketing Agency Questions
The 7 Piercing Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency That Will Make Them Squirm
Where is your plan for my website’s content structure?
Why your overall site structure, content map, and keyword index are more important than most business owners think.
Why is the overall structure of a website important to SEO?
What is a content map for a website and why is it important?
What is a keyword index and why is it important?
How do you optimize content keyword density across educational and commercial intent content to stay relevant considering the constantly changing landscape of Google’s AI with natural language processing?
How do you manage onsite actions?
How do you build backlinks and citations?
The little-known secret about backlinks that agencies get lazy about or are too cheap to invest in for you
Advanced Backlinking Strategy
Backlinks Combined With PR
Do you do regular audits?
How do you manage site speed to stay on top of Google’s core web vitals assessment?
How will you be able to scale multiple new locations quickly for our top service keywords?


Why is SEO so important for your business? – The Ask Amanda Show

After a spirited discussion about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing last season, Amanda Benson-Tilch, host of The Ask Amanda Show, recently invited Valencia digital marketing expert Alison Lindemann of WSI Internet Consulting back for a deeper dive. If you’re ready to develop and launch a digital marketing strategy for a small business in Santa Clarita Valley or beyond, you can gain a leg up on your competition with these tips and tools to increase your brand’s exposure. To achieve that goal your website needs to show up as high as possible on Google when someone enters search terms for a business like yours.

Meet the Experts
Alison Lindemann – Digital Marketing
After 17 years in the corporate management world, Alison joined WSI Internet Consulting in 2004. She has a strong business background including 17 years with Farmers Insurance as the Director of Service Operations as well as Director of Sales in their corporate office in Los Angeles. She completed the Farmers Executive Training Program and was the recipient of their Management Excellence Award. Alison has expertise in both traditional and digital media, as well as strategic planning, competitor analysis, persona development, social media, customer experience, conversion optimization and particularly search engine optimization. Alison holds a BSBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School, and she holds the CPCU Designation, ARP Designation, and numerous digital marketing certifications. She has co-authored two books, one that was published in October 2019 and includes chapters from digital marketing experts worldwide. She is also the recipient of three Web Marketing Association Awards in 2019. She speaks regularly on digital marketing best practices and strategies.

Need a digital marketing consultant who can help you design and execute an effective new strategy? Contact Alison at WSI Internet Consulting for a consultation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisonlindemann/

Amanda Benson is an entrepreneur and owner of Ask Amanda Consulting, a business consulting service she built out of the need to help business owners solve the problems they have as owners and operators. Her mission in life is to make a difference and her motto is, if she can’t help you, she will connect you with someone who can.

Amanda has been recognized as an emerging leader by the SCV Signal’s Top 51, spotlighted as an Entrepreneur by College of the Canyons, as well as awarded Ultimate Ladies in Business by elite Magazine. She is very active in the non-profit world doing all she can to pull off successful events raising money for local charities in Santa Clarita.

Amanda is also currently the Managing Director of Burbank Fitness Club a gym located in the heart of the media district of Burbank, California. She helped completely rebrand, renovate and rebuild the gym. She is also the Director of Business Development for Thomas Realty Co., a property management company also located in California, where she is constantly looking for smart ways to grow their portfolio.

Connect with Amanda here:
Website: http://www.askamandaconsulting.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/askamandaconsulting/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/askamandaconsulting
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/askamandaconsulting

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How to master recruiting | Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen | TEDxWarwick

For a leader to succeed, they have to be able to hire the right people for their team. In fact nothing is more important. And while leaders are told to recruit the right people, they have never been taught how to recruit the right people. That is why most leaders spend 10% of their time recruiting, 90% of their time making up for recruiting mistakes.

The result of this is huge inefficiencies, unhappy people and results below what is possible for leaders to achieve, not to mention very expensive and disruptive processes for the organisation when the wrong people are hired.

Billionaire John Caldwell once said, “If I’m lucky, I only get recruiting wrong 70% of the time”. But how is it that we accept being wrong so much of the time?

In this video, Mads Faurholt shares based on science and research, as well as having hired and managed thousands of people; frameworks, processes, and tools for how you can become a world-class recruiter today, and immediately start hiring the right people, that will enable you and your organisation to reach its potential.

Mads Faurholt is a successful serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and keynote speaker, having founded and run companies across various sectors including technology, financial services, marketing, HR, food and education, with thousands of employees, and done several exits at valuations of up to over hundreds of million USD. Mads is a former Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, and received his bachelor from Copenhagen Business School and his MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx